Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ready To Launch (Well, almost!)

Well, what an exciting time it is for Tranquilitie right now.  Months of work finally coming together.  (Although I have to say it could have been weeks without the dreaded procrastination!)  I am almost, nearly, in a few days ready to launch my very first eWorkshop.

I offered a 6 week meditation course last year which was very successful and those that attended were very pleased.  I had a lot of requests to offer different dates as some people couldn’t make every session.  So, after pondering for a while I came up with a solution. Make the course downloadable so everyone, everywhere can use it! Worldwide. Woo hoo!!

So, I set about researching what was needed, engaging my techie daughter to help (I love technology but it doesn’t love me!) and purchasing the necessary equipment to move forward.

I set about writing my first eWorkshop, “A Guide to Meditation.”   I am a Virgo and Virgos are known as perfectionists, hence the time it took me to produce the workshop.  I pithered, changed bits, had different ideas, read, re-read, checked and rechecked.  I meditated to find the inspiration I needed to produce work that I am happy with – work which I have put my heart and soul into.  Work which I have put my love into.  And now it’s done.

At times, I wondered if anyone would buy my workshop – self-doubt crept in and then my confident side stepped up and told my doubting self to get a grip and trust – trust in me…

So I did.  I have.  And now I’m ready to take the exciting step of launching my meditation workshop.  Oh my!

Here’s the blatant plug:-

“A Guide to Meditation” is a complete and comprehensive workshop (over 120 pages); giving you the tools you need to discover which type of meditation is most effective for you and setting you on the pathway towards continued well-being, life-long balance and harmony. It will be available for download here very soon. 

The workshop includes:

·         Introduction
·         6 Lessons
·         Finale 

·         20 Meditation Transcripts
·         20 Recorded Meditations in MP3 format (over 4 hours)


6 Bonus Documents: (Over 40 pages)

·         Your Chakras
·         Creating Your Sacred Space
·         Essential Oils Guide
·         100 Positive Affirmations
·         Colour Affirmations
·         A Finger Meditation Labyrinth

·         Completion Certificate
    I am very happy with the finished product and am confident that it WILL sell and it WILL help many friends across the world find contentment, peace, balance and harmony. I have banished my self-doubt during this creative journey.  I have ideas for more meditations, eBooks and Aura Mists and now my creativity is flowing there will be no stopping me! Watch out world!    

Monday, 24 March 2014


We have recently been on a mindfulness workshop. It was a very interesting day indeed and most enjoyable, although I must admit we didn't learn anything we didn't already know. The point for us was that we needed reminding to be mindful!

Mindful? Mindful of what? Well, everything really.  Mindful of the very moment you are living.  This moment, right now. Yes.  Right now. You are reading this blog, but what else is happening? What are you sitting on? How does it feel? What can you hear? What do you feel? Is it light or dark? 

Shut your eyes for a moment. What's going on around you? Clocks ticking?  Traffic noise outside?  Birds singing? TV noise in the background? 

There is always so much happening that we don't often hear or appreciate it. We never actually connect with ourselves as we are allowing our busy heads to constantly chatter on even when we think we are at rest. It’s suggested that we have in excess of 70,000 thoughts per day. Knowing that there are 86,400 seconds in a day we have plenty of time for all those thoughts. About one every 1.2 seconds. Phew!  That's a lot of thinking. Don't you agree? You realise you have just had several more thoughts just thinking about answering that last question? Thoughts are never ending...

And do you remember most of them?  What were you thinking about last Saturday week, about lunchtime? Or last night when you were watching TV, or an hour ago? You won't remember I'm sure. I certainly don't. 

So, what does all this mean?  Does it really matter that we don't remember our thoughts?  Who cares anyway? They are just thoughts? 

Well, our thoughts are living things. (That’s a whole other blog just there!). They are very precious but in order to recharge, de-stress and be compassionate to ourselves we need to learn to switch them off and become more mindful. Of the NOW. This moment. NOW. 

That is much easier said than done for most of us. We lead busy lives, hence the thousands of thoughts we plough through every second, every minute, every hour, every day. 

Learning to quieten our minds is more often than not a challenging process but a very valuable one. Meditating on our breath is a good place to start...

You will need to find a quiet corner. Put on a little ambient music and maybe a candle if you want to set the mood. Shut your eyes and concentrate on taking in a deep breath, through your nose, to the count of four.  Let it out to the count of four but through your mouth Repeat this 5 times.  Do not rush it. Concentrate on your breathing and only your breathing. It’s very important to concentrate only on your breathing. That way you stay mindful of the moment.  Hopefully you can manage to clear your head from the day’s thoughts. 

We spend so much time thinking about what has gone on before, i.e. the past and what is to come, i.e. the future that the present often doesn't get a look in. Being mindful of the present moment prevents the past and the future from influencing how we react to situations that are occurring right now. Being mindful of the present keeps us centred and focussed.  

Take time out every day, if only 5 minutes, to meditate on your breath. Once you have mastered that and are quite happy that you are achieving mindfulness move on to guided meditations.

Taking time out to be compassionate to ourselves, to love and cherish ourselves, to honour and nurture ourselves will encourage us to be more mindful.  Life is easier when you're mindful. I promise. Give it a try...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An Unexpected Opportunity

My first blog...

I would never have thought I would be writing it on this subject.  "An Unexpected Opportunity". (And not one to be missed I might add!)

The last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions; tears, fear, apprehension, confusion, upset.  A challenging time to say the least. Our stable and secure home life was sent into a tornado of turmoil within the time frame of a couple of days.

Steve had been unhappy with his day job for quite some time and decided it was time to make the break from the company he had worked for, for 20 years.  He found a new job easily as he had a full bank of experience to take with him. He was looking forward to working hard, but with the hope of less stress and being valued for his efforts.  Oh dear! Disaster!!!  The new position did not work out. (Enough said.)  After only 4 days Steve left.

Panic set in. He needed another job. NOW. Bills to pay, food to buy, a roof to keep over our heads.  We were angry that this could have happened to us.  We work so hard, with love and light to help others, give freely of our time and expect little in return.  Why, why, why?  We talked, we cried, we discussed, we made phone calls and then we stopped.  Took a breath.  And thought.  And only then did we have a light bulb moment.  Our emotions were blinding us.  We had a moment of clarity.  We had faith.

What was it that we had been asking the Universe for for quite some time?  An opportunity.  An opportunity for us to move our business ( forward and for Steve to be able to leave the job he didn't enjoy.  It seemed so wrong that Steve should be working so hard to provide for the family and by doing do was not using the amazing gift he had been blessed with.  The gift of healing.

So, we talked some more and thought some more and thought some more and talked some more.  And then we realised.  What an unexpected opportunity the Universe had given us.  Just what we had been asking for.  The opportunity had been staring us in the face.  So we made a decision, a huge, enormous, mammoth decision.  No more wishing, hoping, praying for the changes we wanted. Steve will do the work he is destined to do. We will do the work we are meant to do. It's time to go out and share our gifts with the world.  We would give them freely, but we have to make a living at the same time. (I am currently manifesting income.  I want to be able to fill up my cupboards when they empty).

We have always been a strong team, Steve and I.  Together from the age of 16, four children, highs and lows, ups and downs.  So, we are trusting one another, trusting in our faith, trusting in the Universe.  We CAN DO this.

Tranquilitie is our life, our adventure, our experience and now we are in it together, full time, soul mates - on our journey...

...Our journey of "Unexpected Opportunity".